"If You Are Using ClickFunnels, Then You Must Get Funnellogics..."

From Freddy Owen

Before I started working online full-time in 2012, I worked at a car dealership for 15 years. I always knew that there was a better life out there waiting for me, but I was too scared to plunge into something different. 

I used to tell the technicians that complained to me that there are nine doors in the facility; if they were unhappy, pick one of those doors and do something that would make them happy.

Little did I know that I would decide to take my own advice and venture off into this online world one day!
My first year and a half were horrible. I was all over the place! I jumped into program after program, getting nowhere fast.
YES, I had Shiny Object Syndrome. 

I went through all the savings I had. The house payment was behind by 11 Months, and I was facing foreclosure. My wife was a nervous wreck and, I felt like a complete failure!

I remember her looking at me while we were sitting on the couch with tears in her eyes. She asked me, "What are we going to do?"

I thought about it for a second and replied, "I'm Not going to Give Up."
A Couple of days went by and, out of nowhere, I got invited to a private mastermind in Washington D.C. Hosted by Russell Brunson. 
Little did I know 6 and 7 figure earners would surround me in a small hotel conference room. I'm not going to lie; I felt like a fish out of water.

After getting to meet some of them, I realized that they, too, went through the hardships that I did! That's when the big bright light in my brain went off!

If they CAN do this, I CAN do this!

So, I reset and refocused! I started to laser focus on what I knew I had to do.
I started using Russell's product Clickfunnels and fell in love with it! I was continually building funnels, split testing funnels, and improving them. 

I found myself putting in the long hours mastering my craft. I was generating leads (a lot of leads!), and before I knew it - I was having 6 and 7 figure earners asking me to make funnels for their products! 

I love this industry and its people, and I wanted to help as many hungry entrepreneurs out there.

So that is when Funnellogics was born!

I wanted to make a product that would be a compliment to Russell Brunson's Clickfunnels. 

I wanted to give anyone interested the ability to go into the Funnellogics membership back office, pick a funnel, upload it to their own Clickfunnels account, and use it to generate leads! And, most significantly, sales!

The Funnels inside Funnellogics are 100% Ready to go! Beautiful funnel pages optimized for all devices so you can focus on the vital part of your business-generating income.

Take Your Clickfunnels Skills To The Next Level With Funnellogics Today

becoming a member of Funnellogics Will...

Save Hours of Time Trying To Design Your Own Funnel

Save Money By Not Having To Hire An Expensive Designer To Create A Funnel For You.

Come Up With Amazing Ideas So You Can Venture Out Into Different Niches.

Find The Best Method To Target Your Offers With The Right Audience.

Get the knowledge to build funnels super fast so you can focus on building your business and making sales!

Plus so Much More

Having Funnellogics In Your Arsenal Will Shorten The Learning Curve tremendously

  • You DO NOT Have to be a techie wizard
  • ​You DO NOT Have To Try To Create Everything From Scratch All By Yourself.
  • You DO NOT Have To Grapple Over Complex Information That Makes You Discouraged.
  • You DO NOT Have To Pull Your Hair Out Trying To Learn Everything 
  • You DO NOT Have To Waste Hours And Hours Of Your Precious Time Trying To Do It All Yourself

Anytime Day or Night, 7 Days a Week

Funnellogics will blow your mind with all that it has inside...
Profit Accelerator: You will gain tremendous insight into finding the right offers for you to promote. You will know where to find offers to advertise for FREE that converts like crazy. You will also have access to our High Ticket and Residual Offer Vaults that will allow you to take your income to the next level.
Traffic Ascendency: Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. With it, success is inevitable. Without it, there is NO business. Inside of Traffic Ascendency, you will have exclusive access to our Traffic Coalition, Real-Time Lead Injection, and our tested and proven Solo Ad Rolodex. You'll also get our proven LinkedIn and PPC (Bing/Google Ads) training with more to come.
Inbox Assassin - Inbox Assassin's solves one of the biggest problems facing new internet marketers and veterans alike, getting your emails in the Inbox! You'll never have to worry about what to write in your emails once you tap into the power of Inbox Assassin. You'll be receiving seven new handcrafted and tested emails every single week to use in your own follow-up campaigns. Along with the step by step secrets that we use to help ensure our emails reach the Inbox. 
Click Tracking Essentials - Quite possibly, the single most crucial part of online marketing is knowing your numbers. Not knowing where your traffic and conversions are coming from will keep you from ever reaching your potential. Inside Click Tracking Essentials, you'll learn the skills you need to create a profitable online business without wasting time & money on traffic that doesn't convert.
Funnel Essentials: Funnel Essentials is jam-packed with next level funnel training. You'll receive done-for-you Lead Magnets while learning how to create your own. The importance of Pre-Frame pages for your offers with templates ready for you to use. Complete list of top-rated keywords in a variety of niches. Along with templates to possibly the single most overlooked part of funnels for compliance on social media and search networks.
Done For You Funnels - Tired of the same stale network funnels everyone else is using? With over a dozen Done-For-You Funnels in the back office and a new one added every single week, you'll never have to worry about keeping your funnels fresh and engaging! Funnels are pre-built with multiple funnel builders ready for you to download directly into the lead capture page builder of your choice.  builder of your choice. 
Chatbot Domination - Ready to take your Facebook marketing to the next level? With over 20 billion messages per month being sent via Facebook Messenger being able to tap into this Mega-Market can take your business to a whole new level. Messenger bots consistently see over 75% open rates and over 50% click-through rate, which can be game-changing no matter what size your list may be.
Bonus Training Hub: This is where we include extra training to help catapult your business. The exact lessons we wish we would have known from the start can potentially save you years and capital trying to learn on your own. You also get additional squeeze page templates inside the BONUS Training Hub.
Your complete introduction to Funnel Building 101, where we introduce you to the "WHY" behind creating your very own sales funnels. While we breakdown in easily understandable language the different sections and terminology of how sales funnels work. 
The Funnellogics Blueprint is a 7 Step roadmap specifically designed to bring you through the entire process from start to finish. This easy to follow Blueprint will take you step by step from picking your niche to complete set up with traffic running and everywhere in between. Online Marketing doesn't have to be rocket science, and the Funnellogics Blueprint is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. 
Whether you are a beginner or an expert marketer, your attitude and mindset play an essential role in both your personal and business life. Everyone needs a boost or pick me up from time to time because certainty always wains; it's human nature. But the ultra-successful are consciously aware of their mindset throughout the day. We look to help keep you focused and on task with your daily to-do list through our Mindset Training.
Private Facebook Community: Surrounding yourself with other like-minded people striving for the same goals can be the difference between success and failure. As a Member of Funnellogics, you will have full access to our private Facebook community. It's a great place so you can network with first-class marketers and get your questions answered by the team and community. You never feel stuck again. 
Ready to create Multiple Streams of Income? With this pre-built Easy MSI Funnel, you will be able to generate up to 3 different residual income streams from one system. Imagine having the power to 3x your sales using this complete system.  
Ready to step into the ring? Test your mad funnel building skills in this unique Battle. Compete against fellow funnel builders in this 30 minute one on one live challenge. Then get Free traffic sent to each funnel to determine the winner! Compete to see who's opt-in page converts the best and who generates more revenue!
As a marketer, it's your job to convert your leads into sales fast so you can recoup your advertising costs and make profits as quickly as possible. Most marketers are doing the follow-up completely wrong, which is why they lose money and don't see any sustainable results. This Follow Up Cheat Sheet will help aid in laying your foundation for long-term success.
 Crazy Bonus Package When You Join Today...
2 TAB Monetization Method: A Super Simple Strategy to Monetize Your Traffic Even More! ($297 value)

OSProfit Method: Outsourcing for Profits and Saving You a Massive Amount of Time!  ($47 value)

Factors of Impulse: This interview is gold! He took a company from $0 to $400,000 plus in 8 months. ($197 value)

AD Spy Strategy: A Simple Strategy to See what Ad's Your Competition are Running on Facebook for Free! ($17 value)

Stack4Profits: How To Get More Sales With Using A Proven Method 
($37 value)

The Linked Method - Selling High Ticket Offers Without running any paid Advertising. ($97 value)

Local Lead Strategy - Targeted Local and Non-local Leads strategy to sell your services. ($17 value)

Testimonials From REAL Members...

"Since I’ve been doing IM for almost 10 years and spent almost $100k buying courses, I didn’t expect much when I first went through FunnelLogics, but I was shocked when I went through everything. You left no stone unturned, going through niche selection, finding products, email follow-ups, and even traffic partnerships once it’s all set up. This is like 10 courses in one! Great investment for both beginner and veterans like I am."
"I had the extreme pleasure of working with Fred. In an environment of "super coaches" sharing less than half truths about the results they can create, Fred consistently over delivered on his promises. He is very patient, sincere and knowledgeable in his arena. Before I began working with Fred I had never really experienced consistent success in my business. Fred is the real deal!"
I Knew nothing about making money online. With Fred's help I was able to grow my subscriber list and so far this month I have generated $1,895 in commissions ! I love how easy it is to learn from Fred and the Funnellogics team. 
 "Fred and his team at Funnellogics are awesome!!! I've worked with Fred for couple years now and he help me grow my business to 6 figures!"
I've been learning from Fred Owen for about a year and a half now and I can tell you that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to building a list and making money from it. I've been able to generate thousands of dollars per month from email marketing and my income continues to grow. FunnelLogics is jam-packed with so much useful content that ANYBODY who goes through the program and takes consistent action should be able to build a steady and growing income regardless of their experience level. I highly recommend it.

Our Members' Success Is Our Motivation!

 In an industry filled with hype, Funnellogics strives to bring authentic value to our members. 
#Dedicated - Our Members success is our motivation. Every day, no exceptions.

#Integrity - We won’t mislead, trick, or deceive you. What you see is what you get.

#excellence - We endeavor to provide excellent guidance and unparalleled service so we can deliver premium value to our members

#Driven - Committed to being better today then we were yesterday.

#Commitment - Committed to helping create as many success stories as possible.

#Passion - We love what we do

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